Super Bowl Wrap UP

Thank you all for following my blog, your comments are very rewarding and motivating.

Now on to the SB!  During my playing career I never had the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl, but had several teammates that did.  The obvious response from all of them was, without question, the single greatest memory they had in playing football, that comes from players who both won and lost.

Momentum is, in my opinion, the most critical thing you can have going for you entering the SB.  Of course being healthy is a huge factor, but look at the Packers this year, they had 13 players on injured reserve, some of them starters.  What they had going into this game was confidence and momentum.  The best example was Arron Rogers.  He was playing at a level, I don’t believe, that has previously been matched.  The Packers offense had incredible momentum coming off all their playoff games including the NFC Championship.  The offensive game plan was designed around Arron, they road the horse that got them there, plain and simple, end of story!

I keep thinking of all the passes he had dropped, no telling how many more yards he could have had or how many more touchdown passes he would have thrown.  It was a remarkable performance on the greatest stage, in front of the most viewers in the history of television!  That’s impressive.

We always hear, defense win championships, in this case they played a significant role, but from what I saw, it was all on the shoulders of Arron Rogers, he excepted it and performed like it was a Saturday practice.

Congratulations to all of you Cheese Heads, it was one of the best Super Bowls I have ever seen, and I have seen them all.  Unfortunately for many of us, I don’t think this will be the Packers last under Arron Rogers!

Something to remember in the future during the playoffs.  Whoever scores the second touchdown in the game wins 90% of the time.  It is amazing, but held true in all the playoff games I watched.  And yes, the Packers scored the second touchdown in the SB.

In my next blog I will talk about he CBA (Collective Barganing Agreement) and how it may affect the NFL.  I will also talk about the upcoming Spring Turkey Season and what you should be doing to prepare.

Thanks again!

The OutdoorQuarterBack

Best Time Of The Year

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging comments.  I will do my best to keep bringing you interesting and accurate information about subjects where I feel I have some unique perspective.

Saying that, it is my opinion that this is the best time of the entire year and here are my reasons.  The NFL is getting started, college football is off and running as well as your favorite High School.  Friday nights are full of electricity and all of the high schools are fired up for their games.  It brings back great memories from years ago.  I personally love college football.  There really isn’t anything more fun than heading to a college campus on game day.  Living on the Kansas and Missouri boarder, there is some real love and hate relationships when it comes to football, but one common bond is everyone around here hates Nebraska!  It is fun to watch and listen to all the fans and supporters talk about their schools.  What I like most is the energy and effort of the college players.  They play every down as if it were the key to them winning or loosing.  How about Boise State!  If they can get by Oregon St., they have a chance at the National Championship Game, pretty incredible!  Thank God for fantasy football!  It actually makes the NFL much more fun to watch.  I am lucky because we have the Chiefs right here in our backyard, plus I played for them, so I do have a rooting interest.  Many of you have to pick a team to follow or support because you don’t live in a city that has a NFL team.  Fantasy Football gets you involved and you actually are rooting for several players from multiple teams, it’s great.  I will say this about the Chiefs and Arrowhead Stadium, it is without a doubt the loudest stadium in the NFL, which makes it a true home field advantage.  I believe the Chiefs are going to be competitive, but are a year away from being a really good team.  Time will tell!

Next, and just as important, the fall hunting seasons are about to happen.  I am leaving for my archery elk hunt in Mew Mexico.  I get the same rush and feelings as if I were about to start a football game.  Not nervous just excited with anticipation of what is going to happen and what I will experience.  Dove season is open, early teal season is just a week away, and the first youth deer hunts will take place in a few days.  Some of the best fresh water fishing is just around the corner so don’t put the rod and reel away yet.  I am not sure it gets any better than a early morning weekend hunt or throwing a line in the water then an afternoon of football.

I am off to the mountains and hopefully I will have a few good stories about my hunt.

Hope your teams, HS, College or NFL all have good weeks and if you are in the woods or on the water be safe and enjoy the experience.

The OutdoorQuarterback

Are You Ready For Some Football & Tunning up for your Fall Hunts

The NFL preseason is about to kickoff and everyone around the Kansas City area is pretty pumped up.  The Chiefs have moved their training camp from River Falls, WI to St. Joesph, MO; just hair over an hour from Kansas City.  The move has really created some excitement around the area, from KS, MO, IA, NE and even OK.  I will be heading up to camp directly to see for myself.  Yes, going up to training camp always brings back memories, but anyone who says they miss training camp, practiced way too many times with their helmet off!  It is very hot and humid around here this time of the year and it makes for long and miserable practices.  Enough about the Chiefs, at least for now.

It looks like all but a couple of the first round draft selections are all signed and in camp.  That is good for everyone particularly the players.  Missing those first few days of training camp are almost impossible to replace or makeup.  You get so far behind in such a short time and for most of these young players the speed of the game just went from highway speed to NASCAR speed.   And when you are trying to learn an entire new system and compete for a spot on the team, every day is critical.  The best way to describe what is going on for them is that everything is a blur.  It is when they can slow that blur down to a speed they can successfully compete at, is when they will start seeing real progress and productivity.  Keep an eye on all the rookies and you will see what I mean.  One rookie I think will do well, is the Detroit Lions number one draft pick Nadamukon Suh the defensive tackle out of Nebraska.  He has a great motor, incredible work ethic and the drive and desire to play the game.  If he stays healthy, he will be a impact player for them.

Getting tuned up for the upcoming hunting seasons is a lot more enjoyable than going to training camp, no one is hitting me as I practice shooting my bow.  I can do my cardiovascular training without someone yelling at me and I can do it on my own schedule and at a pace I like.  The two key words here are, practice and do it!  Even if you are using a firearm, this is the time you should be out practicing.  If you are hunting out west, it is important that you shoot at long range.  If you become confident at 300 plus yards, your opportunities for success will significantly increase.  The same philosophy applies with a bow.  If you are hunting out west, practice at 50, 60 and 70 yards.  You will be surprised at how much better you are at 30 and 40 yards.  At least you will find out what your limits  are on taking and making an ethical shot.

Remember, if you can’t breath when it is time to take your shot, all that practicing will have been wasted, so make sure you get your conditioning in.  I have found that I enjoy my western hunts much more if I am able to handle the elevation I am hunting at.  A little work everyday will go a long ways.  One other suggestion, take a vigorous walk or jog long enough to get you breathing pretty hard and your heart pounding, then try shooting  your bow or firearm.  That should give you a good idea how much more training you need to do.  It’s not too late to start.  Good luck and using a couple of old football cliche’s , ” no pain no gain” and  “practice makes perfect”.

For now, the Outdoor Quarterback

MyOutdoors is now live!

I am happy to announce the launch of is a referral site for hunting outfitters and fishing guides and Captains for North America and soon for Mexico, Central and South America.  Then on to the rest of the hunting and fishing world, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.  If you are looking for a guide or outfitter MyOutdoors is where you will want to go.  Check it out and give me your thoughts, ideas or suggestions.

The Chiefs are out in the free agent market and seem to picking up some quality players.  Thomas Jones, running back from the Jets.  Thomas had over 1,400 yards rushing last year.  He will be a great addition to the Chiefs.  Over the weekend we resigned Casey Weigmann, who was the Chiefs starting center for 7 years and has been the starting center for the Broncos for the past two years.  One of those years he was selected to the Pro Bowl.  We also signed a run stopper in NT (nose tackle) Shaun Smith.  Another new face is WR (wide receiver) Jerheme Urban who played with the Cardinals and coach Todd Haley.  He will be a good addtion to the receiving core.  He has great size for a wide receiver. 

I like what the Chiefs are doing and I believe we will be looking for offensive linemen in the upcoming NFL Draft.

I will keep you posted.

The Outdoor Quaterback

Super Bowl Aftermath

As always, if you want to bet on a team, just pick opposite of what I predict!  Although I told everyone I was a Drew Brees fan because of his size, something we have in common.  It was a great game, maybe one of the very best and based on the information from the networks, the most watch program in history!  That says a great deal about the two teams and most important the quarterbacks, Brees and Manning.  They both played well.  The interception by the Saints was back breaker for the Colts.  I think everyone felt like it was a bad pass, but from my perspective, the receiver gave up on the route and left Manning out to dry.  In playoff games, the Super Bowl being the biggest, turnovers are magnified.  Normally both teams are strong defensively and to stay in these games the offense must minimize their turnovers.  The one in the Super Bowl was huge!  Over all, exciting and well played.  The onside kick to start the second half may have been the most unpredictable call in Super Bowl history, gutsy!  Congratulations Saints!

The Outdoor Quarterback

Super Bowl Week

OK it’s Super Bowl Week, the big game is this Sunday, have you made your plans!  I am sure most of you have picked your team, having played in the AFC most of my career I usually root for the AFC, in this case  I think the Colts are going to win.  The biggest reason is Peyton Manning.  He has been there before and won.  This is a tough week for the players, all the media attention and family and friends wanting stuff from you as well as your time.  All those distractions take away from your concentration and focus.  Peyton won’t let that happen.  His role in running the offense is so critical plus his involvement in the preparation of the game plan is vital, he can’t afford to be distracted.  He can lay that stuff off on his father and brother!  I will be honest, I am a Drew Brees fan.  He and I are about the same size and I love it when us shorter QB’s have success.  He is a competitor no question, but so is Peyton.  It should be a good game, less than 10 points.  I know that sounds like a lot, but these two offenses can put up some points, Colts 34 Saints 28.  I am heading to the game on Thursday and will give my thoughts on the game when I get back.

Still hunting a few geese, but starting my preperation for the the Spring Turkey season.  I have few Ducks Unlimited banquets to attend and one tureky banquet to go to.  These banquets are great opportunities to catch up on everyones hunting seasons and to raise money to support the organizations.  Also, you never know what you might win, or what items you may bid on.  The monies go to great causes, and normally the food is not bad, KC Barbaque, the best!!

Hope you enjoy the Super Bowl!

The Outdoor Quarterback

The Fall Is Here

No question the fall is my favorite time of the year.  High School, College and NFL Football, not to mention all the fall hunting activities.  Our waterfowl season just opened here in Kansas and Missouri.  It has been unusually warm but a front just move in the past few days.  I hope that means more ducks!  Kansas archery deer season is ongoing and the Missouri firearm season just opened last Saturday.  I have had some pretty good success hunting ducks.  I haven’t seen anything worth taking yet as far as the deer go.  The best news is that the Kansas Pheasant population is up and the weather is perfect for that.  We will be headed to western Kansas in about two weeks for a pheasant hunt.  Taking several former Chiefs players and Kansas City Royals players.  I will keep you all posted.

Now for football.  I have NO comments regarding the Chiefs, they are struggling to say the least.  We need help on the offensive line.  If our QB makes it through the season uninjured it will be miracle.  College football around here is also a little depressing.  Both KU and MU had great expectations coming into the season, which they have not lived up too.  Now on the other hand, Kansas State has exceeded everyone’s expectations, that is the lone bright spot.  Our area High Schools are deep into the State playoffs, which I really enjoy.  I head up the High School Coach of the Week and Coach of the Year program for the NFL and the Chiefs.  After this weeks games, I will be making the selections for both Kansas and Missouri, stay tuned!

End of Season Gobbler

This past Sunday was the last day of the 2009 Missouri tukey season.  The weather was a little unpredictable and wasn’t sure about the wind.  I woke up at 4:15 A.M. and there were stars in the sky and no wind.  I thought, what the heck, go and if nothing else check on how bad the flooding was.  Well, as the story goes, I put on my vest grabed my calls and headed for the woods.  There is a hay field on top of the ridge surrounded by hardwoods where I hunt, a great place to do a locator call.  I owl hooted and to my surprise a bird gobbled at one of the usual spots the birds normally roost.  With all the trees leafed out, it was easy to get close to the bird.  I owl hooted one more time just to pin point him.  I knew exactly where he was and where he may go.  After calling to him with a few soft putts and tree yelps, he finally cut me off during my calls, which told me he knew where I was.  After another 10 or 15 minutes of discourse between me and the gobbler, he flew down.  When he hit the ground he was only 70 yards from me and for the next 10 minutes he never made a sound.  I was confident that he was on his way but just being silent about his approach.  I never called again and he never gobbled again until a crow flew over and called.  The bird shook the timber with his gobble and was less than forty yards right at the end of my barrel.  One minute later he stepped out on the path at 20 yards, the magic distance.  The gobbler was mine at 6:20 A.M. and on a morning I wasn’t going to hunt. 

Don’t miss on these late season birds.  They will still turn all you hunters on with their thundering gobbles.  It’s true, it never gets old

The Outdoor Quaterback

Spring Turkey Season

For some of you Spring Turkey season has already begun, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, you got it, in the south.  On April 1st, both the Kansas youth and archery turkey seasons open. 

For you veteran turkey hunters who can’t wait to get to the woods, here is your chance to accomplish two things, take a youngster to the woods and polish your spring turkey hunting skills.  This is a great opportunity to take a young turkey hunter to the woods and experience the thrill of spring turkey hunting.  With no hunting pressure on the birds they should be very vocal and no matter if you are a novice or verteran turkey hunter, those first gobbles of the spring always gets your heart pumping. 

Now for you seasoned and experienced turkey hunters, who are looking for the ultimate challenge, grab your bow and head to the woods.  Taking a spring gobbler with archery equipment is a true test of your hunting skills.  The birds in Kansas are pretty vocal right now and they are just beginning to break up.  With very few hunters in the woods, I like your chances.

Let me here about your hunts.

The Outdoor Quaterback