Super Bowl Aftermath

As always, if you want to bet on a team, just pick opposite of what I predict!  Although I told everyone I was a Drew Brees fan because of his size, something we have in common.  It was a great game, maybe one of the very best and based on the information from the networks, the most watch program in history!  That says a great deal about the two teams and most important the quarterbacks, Brees and Manning.  They both played well.  The interception by the Saints was back breaker for the Colts.  I think everyone felt like it was a bad pass, but from my perspective, the receiver gave up on the route and left Manning out to dry.  In playoff games, the Super Bowl being the biggest, turnovers are magnified.  Normally both teams are strong defensively and to stay in these games the offense must minimize their turnovers.  The one in the Super Bowl was huge!  Over all, exciting and well played.  The onside kick to start the second half may have been the most unpredictable call in Super Bowl history, gutsy!  Congratulations Saints!

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  1. I will probably get flamed for what I’ll say next.I don’t hate the Colts, even though I grew up in the hood. What can someone hate on about Peyton? He is got game gifted by Lord, not to mention Daddy Arch, and he seems to be a quiet guy. Every time somebody mentions his recods he says something to the liking of “I just feel humbled to be mentioned in the same breath as those players”.The Holy Ones 31 The Baby Horses 28

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