South Dakota

Great trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota, home of Mt. Rushmore. The Black Hills were awesome, saw deer and buffalo at Custer State Park. Drove on the Needles Hwy, saw the Corn Palace and Wall Drugs. Mt Rushmore was worth the trip alone. I have always made fun of South Dakota, my wife is from there, but the Black Hills and Mt. Rushmore should be on your bucket list.

Recently I took a trip with my oldest daughter and two of my grand kids along with my wife to the Black Hills of South Dakota. Before I tell you about the trip I need to explain a little history with me and South Dakota. First my wife was born and raised in Sioux Falls SD, I spent one summer, while we were in college, working there. I have always given her a hard time about SD and to some up the humor and the hard time I gave her, we were watch a movie, comedy, and one lines in the movie was “if you don’t start doing your job we are going to ship you to South Dakota”. From that point on I have always joked about her home state.
On our recent trip we went to Mt. Rushmore, Custer State Park, drove on the Needles Highway, panned for gold and toured the gold mine. On our way to Sioux Falls we stopped at the famous Wall Drugs and then on to Mitchell to visit the famous Corn Palace. Of course my wife and I had done and seen all of this before, but my oldest daughter, now 40, and my grandson and grand daughter had not. To my surprise my daughter was more excited about seeing the free ranging buffalo than anything else. Of course Mt. Rushmore was impressive, but having the buffalo walk in front and in back of our vehicle was pretty impressive. I have hunted my entire life and I have seen a lot of wildlife, bears, elk, moose, deer, antelope, Big Horn Sheep, Mountain Lion and etc… but I must admit seeing free ranging buffalo was pretty impressive, especially some of the herd bulls. It is hard to imagine how big they truly are until you are within close proximity of one, which we were. And to think what the Native Americans used, for a long time, bows and arrows, to take down these massive animals. They did not have the compound bows like we have today or the carbon arrows with razor sharp broad heads. No, they used bows and arrows made of wood and broad heads made of chiseled stone as well as spears. As a professional hunter, primarily a bow hunter, I can’t tell you how impressed and amazed I am.
But, back to the story. If you haven’t made the trip to the Black Hills of South Dakota you must make it part of your bucket list of things to do and see, it is impressive not to mention historical. There is something for the entire family.
Enjoy the adventure.

The Outdoor Quaterback