Open For Business, NFL Camps

It is that time of the year, the hype is where it always is during the last of July and early August, at all the NFL training camps.  The fans who are the most excited are those fans who have MLB teams that are playing poorly and out of the playoff picture, like the Kansas City Royals.

Right now the Chiefs can’t do anything wrong, but then again they are only at training camp.  We see it around here every summer, the Royals are on track to loose a 100 games and the loyal sports fans jump ship and get on the NFL and Chiefs band wagon.

Now that the Chiefs are holding camp nearer to Kansas City, St Joesph MO, just 50 minutes north of down town.  The access to watch practice for Chiefs fans is much more available creating a stronger following and a air of excitement.

I think a lot of teams in the NFL have figured out, keeping their team close by is not only a good idea, but has become very profitable.  Just look at the fans showing up to see Payton Manning at the Bronco’s training camp in the Colorado, you don’t think they aren’t selling a truck load #18 Jerseys, wrong!

Even though the Olympics are going on, baseball is just past the halfway mark, NFL Football is getting the majority of attention from the media, at least around here they are.  Watching ESPN, there is a tremendous amount of NFL conversation and information being broadcasted on radio and television, not to mention on the internet.  You can’t hardly look online and not see something about Tebow and Sanchez.  That is getting old.

As a former player, I don’t get that excited about training camp or preseason.  Regular season is a different story.  Like millions of others, I am a huge fan of the NFL and can’t wait for the real games to begin, and yes I play fantasy football!

I am a sports fan, and even though NFL camps are open, I am watching as much of the Olympics as I can, great stuff with the exception of some of the NBC reporters.  Some are better than others and then there are a few who are an embarrassment to their profession, mainly in the swimming.

That is all for now, good luck to your team and go USA!

The Outdoor Quarterback.

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