Super Super Bowl

Every year the Super Bowl is played with as much fan fare as any athletic event world wide, including the World Cup or the Olympics.  For the first time in many years I am truly excited for this years game.  The primary reason, the quarterbacks! Two young and athletic guys exceeding everyone’s expectations, except their own, putting the deep ball back in the game with a dramatic change in traditional offensive football.  Most Super Bowls are won by great defensive minded teams, not this year.  The Pistol offense will test the Ravens defense from start to finish. The only advantage the Ravens have is the time they have had to prepare for the game.  If I were the DC (defensive coordinator) I would have gone back to look at some of Kaepernick’s college game tapes.   He has had limited starts in the NFL and believe the Ravens could really have a better chance of controlling him by how he executed the Pistol offense for a entire season.  He is feeling comfortable in this offense and will revert back to how he played in college, he has more starts at Nevada then he does with the 49ers.  A player under pressure will always refer back to what is instinctive to him.  Then there is Joe Flacco, in my opinion a taller Tom Brady with a better arm, now he just needs Tom’s moxy! I anticipate Flacco will air out the ball at least 3 time in this game, in other words pass attempts over 40 yards.  If the Ravens running game is working, then the deep pass will be a major part of the Ravens offensive strategy.  I have no dog in this hunt and I will be pulling for both teams, because of the QB’s, I just hope they both play up to their capabilities.   If they do we are all in for great game.  There is one thing I know for sure, Mr and Mrs Harbaugh will have a Super Bowl winning Son!

Super Bowl Bound!

The Outdoor Quarterback

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