Are You Ready For Some Football & Tunning up for your Fall Hunts

The NFL preseason is about to kickoff and everyone around the Kansas City area is pretty pumped up.  The Chiefs have moved their training camp from River Falls, WI to St. Joesph, MO; just hair over an hour from Kansas City.  The move has really created some excitement around the area, from KS, MO, IA, NE and even OK.  I will be heading up to camp directly to see for myself.  Yes, going up to training camp always brings back memories, but anyone who says they miss training camp, practiced way too many times with their helmet off!  It is very hot and humid around here this time of the year and it makes for long and miserable practices.  Enough about the Chiefs, at least for now.

It looks like all but a couple of the first round draft selections are all signed and in camp.  That is good for everyone particularly the players.  Missing those first few days of training camp are almost impossible to replace or makeup.  You get so far behind in such a short time and for most of these young players the speed of the game just went from highway speed to NASCAR speed.   And when you are trying to learn an entire new system and compete for a spot on the team, every day is critical.  The best way to describe what is going on for them is that everything is a blur.  It is when they can slow that blur down to a speed they can successfully compete at, is when they will start seeing real progress and productivity.  Keep an eye on all the rookies and you will see what I mean.  One rookie I think will do well, is the Detroit Lions number one draft pick Nadamukon Suh the defensive tackle out of Nebraska.  He has a great motor, incredible work ethic and the drive and desire to play the game.  If he stays healthy, he will be a impact player for them.

Getting tuned up for the upcoming hunting seasons is a lot more enjoyable than going to training camp, no one is hitting me as I practice shooting my bow.  I can do my cardiovascular training without someone yelling at me and I can do it on my own schedule and at a pace I like.  The two key words here are, practice and do it!  Even if you are using a firearm, this is the time you should be out practicing.  If you are hunting out west, it is important that you shoot at long range.  If you become confident at 300 plus yards, your opportunities for success will significantly increase.  The same philosophy applies with a bow.  If you are hunting out west, practice at 50, 60 and 70 yards.  You will be surprised at how much better you are at 30 and 40 yards.  At least you will find out what your limits  are on taking and making an ethical shot.

Remember, if you can’t breath when it is time to take your shot, all that practicing will have been wasted, so make sure you get your conditioning in.  I have found that I enjoy my western hunts much more if I am able to handle the elevation I am hunting at.  A little work everyday will go a long ways.  One other suggestion, take a vigorous walk or jog long enough to get you breathing pretty hard and your heart pounding, then try shooting  your bow or firearm.  That should give you a good idea how much more training you need to do.  It’s not too late to start.  Good luck and using a couple of old football cliche’s , ” no pain no gain” and  “practice makes perfect”.

For now, the Outdoor Quarterback

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