Best Time Of The Year

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging comments.  I will do my best to keep bringing you interesting and accurate information about subjects where I feel I have some unique perspective.

Saying that, it is my opinion that this is the best time of the entire year and here are my reasons.  The NFL is getting started, college football is off and running as well as your favorite High School.  Friday nights are full of electricity and all of the high schools are fired up for their games.  It brings back great memories from years ago.  I personally love college football.  There really isn’t anything more fun than heading to a college campus on game day.  Living on the Kansas and Missouri boarder, there is some real love and hate relationships when it comes to football, but one common bond is everyone around here hates Nebraska!  It is fun to watch and listen to all the fans and supporters talk about their schools.  What I like most is the energy and effort of the college players.  They play every down as if it were the key to them winning or loosing.  How about Boise State!  If they can get by Oregon St., they have a chance at the National Championship Game, pretty incredible!  Thank God for fantasy football!  It actually makes the NFL much more fun to watch.  I am lucky because we have the Chiefs right here in our backyard, plus I played for them, so I do have a rooting interest.  Many of you have to pick a team to follow or support because you don’t live in a city that has a NFL team.  Fantasy Football gets you involved and you actually are rooting for several players from multiple teams, it’s great.  I will say this about the Chiefs and Arrowhead Stadium, it is without a doubt the loudest stadium in the NFL, which makes it a true home field advantage.  I believe the Chiefs are going to be competitive, but are a year away from being a really good team.  Time will tell!

Next, and just as important, the fall hunting seasons are about to happen.  I am leaving for my archery elk hunt in Mew Mexico.  I get the same rush and feelings as if I were about to start a football game.  Not nervous just excited with anticipation of what is going to happen and what I will experience.  Dove season is open, early teal season is just a week away, and the first youth deer hunts will take place in a few days.  Some of the best fresh water fishing is just around the corner so don’t put the rod and reel away yet.  I am not sure it gets any better than a early morning weekend hunt or throwing a line in the water then an afternoon of football.

I am off to the mountains and hopefully I will have a few good stories about my hunt.

Hope your teams, HS, College or NFL all have good weeks and if you are in the woods or on the water be safe and enjoy the experience.

The OutdoorQuarterback

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