Worse Playoff Loss in Chiefs History?

Since 1953 no home team has lost a playoff game with a halftime lead of 18 points or more!  Welcome to the record book Chiefs.  Embarrassing and frustrating are the two words that come to mind.  I can’t remember ever seeing a team dominate the first half of a playoff game more than the Chiefs did.  Then to see a team play like they did in the second half.  Alex Smith had a perfect qb rating in the first half, even with several passes dropped.  The second half was sort of typical on how the Chiefs have approached the second half when holding a lead.  This play not to loose philosophy instead of playing to win attitude is what cost the Chiefs the game.  The one play that may illustrate what I am referring to was a third down and less than 1 to go, the Chiefs called a quarterback option play that lost them three yards!  Just a reminder, the Chiefs have the number one running back in the NFL, Kareem Hunt.  Wouldn’t that have been a better option?

The defense strategy early on was pretty good, man coverage and pressure the quarterback.  Then for some reason, back to the play not to lose approach, we started playing zone coverage without a spy on Marcus Mariota.  A formula for disaster in this league.  The biggest bone head move by the defensive coaches took place late in the 2nd quarter.  Tennessee was running a hurried up offense, no huddle, and our defensive genius decides he is going to substitute two defensive linemen.  Well when two go in two must come out.  The problem was the Titans were already at the line of scrimmage ready to snap the ball while the Chiefs linemen being substituted for were less than half way off the field.  The Chiefs sacked the quarterback but too many men on the field penalty wiped that out!  So instead of a seven yard loss, they got 5 yards on the penalty plus the down over.  This all resulted in the Titans kicking a field goal.  The Chiefs lost the game 22 to 21, you do the math!  Now, it isn’t the only reason the Chiefs lossed the game, our field goal kicker missed a kick well in his range.  In the playoffs you cannot afford to miss on any scoring opportunities, ask the Carolina Panthers.

The Chiefs had zero turnovers and the Titans had two.  Normally when you win the turnover battle, you win the game, not the Chiefs.  It’s one thing to lose a game when players don’t perform or execute the game plan.  But when you add poor coaching to the mix, it’s hard to be victorious!

Not trying to make anyone feel better about the Chiefs loss, but the call when Derrick Johnson hit Mariota and caused a fumble and the Refs ruled his forward motion had been stopped was maybe the worse call by an Official in playoff history.  Even as a former quarterback, that was a great hit which resulted in a fumble.  I am sure the NFL will be sending the Chiefs a letter stating it should have been ruled a fumble.  Perfect!

The Outdoor Quarterback