Spring Turkey Season

For some of you Spring Turkey season has already begun, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, you got it, in the south.  On April 1st, both the Kansas youth and archery turkey seasons open. 

For you veteran turkey hunters who can’t wait to get to the woods, here is your chance to accomplish two things, take a youngster to the woods and polish your spring turkey hunting skills.  This is a great opportunity to take a young turkey hunter to the woods and experience the thrill of spring turkey hunting.  With no hunting pressure on the birds they should be very vocal and no matter if you are a novice or verteran turkey hunter, those first gobbles of the spring always gets your heart pumping. 

Now for you seasoned and experienced turkey hunters, who are looking for the ultimate challenge, grab your bow and head to the woods.  Taking a spring gobbler with archery equipment is a true test of your hunting skills.  The birds in Kansas are pretty vocal right now and they are just beginning to break up.  With very few hunters in the woods, I like your chances.

Let me here about your hunts.

The Outdoor Quaterback

15 thoughts on “Spring Turkey Season”

  1. I not doing to bad, I had as my favorites to win, Argentina, Spain and Italy. So I am still in the hunt.

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