NFL Draft

Two of the most exciting days in a college football players life, the NFL Player Draft, has come and gone.  Some players walk away from these two days financially set for life, if they manage their mony wisely.  Some college players walk away scratching their heads wondering how in the world I could have gone undrafted.  Most of those players were both high school and college stars.  Several of them were All-Americans and have very seldom faced a more deflating moment in their athletic careers.  Many of the of these undrafted players will get an opportunity as a free agent and there has been many free agents who have become All-Pro and NFL Hall of Famers.  This is the time that the true character of these players comes out.  Most of them will have a chip on their shoulders and the mind set to prove to the rest of the NFL, that they all made a mistake by not drafting them.  Watch out for those players because they are motivated and dagerous.

Now there are those player who were drafted in the first round who have been blessed with natural size, speed and talent and a few, which happens every year, will be a bust or don’t live up to everyones expectations.  In most instances it more of a character issue than it is their playing ability.  They take their position for granted, they become lazy and now that they are financially fixed, become less motivated.  Watch for those players as well, you will hear about them early on.  Then there are those high draft picks who exceed everyone expectations and is because of their character and their desier to prove to the team that drafted them that they made the right choice.  You will hear about them early on and often.

My old team the Kansas City Chiefs, I believe did a workmans type job.  No big hoopla, just players who should fit the new scheem.  They appear to be sound players who will compete well for their positions.  The question always is, how quickly can they make the transition from college to the NFL.  Only time will tell, but I feel good about what the Chiefs did.

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  1. Charles, that is a great question. Sorry it has taken me so lone to reply, I think whoever was the head of the league kept it at the league offices. At least that is what I heard. After the league went under, I think they had to sell all the assets. Thanks for the question.


  2. I think it was all the great times I had with my teammates. One of them ended up becoming a minister and he married my wife and I.

  3. For shot time, I was the interim General Manager for the Kansas City Wizards of MLS, so I have a lot of interest in the WC! There are several teams that have a legitimate chance of winning. Right now I like Spain, Argentina and Italy. But I will always pull for the US!

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