Kansas City Chiefs add new Quarterback

The Chiefs made a bold move in making a trade for Matt Cassell from the New England Patriots.  This move adds a proven starter to the stable of young quarterbacks.  It is my opinion that there will be very strong competition at this position.  Tyler Thigpen proved last year that he can play in the NFL.  Brodie Croyle may have the best arm of all the quarterbacks but must remain healthy to prove he can be durable in the NFL

10 thoughts on “Kansas City Chiefs add new Quarterback”

  1. I think we all thought the Colts were the better team, but in fact we were pulling for the Saints. I love the underdog!

  2. Great game, well played. I am sure I am not in the minority, but I like pulling for the underdog! Being a fromer quarterback, I love to watch great offenses and both of these teams are at the top of the NFL.

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