Don’t Leave Your Stand or Blind to Early

Late in the rut, big bucks are still moving, so don’t leave your stand or blind too soon.

This deer season I have seen and heard about hunters staying in their stands or blinds only until about 10:30 A.M. then getting down thinking the morning hunt was done.  Not so fast my hunting friends.  With the full moon we are experiencing, I have seen rutting bucks either chasing does or checking scrapes at times well after 10:30 A.M.

When you have changes in the weather and fast moving fronts, warm or cold, you are going to see a lot more animal movement.  My suggestion is, if you must get down or out, do it quickly and don’t take long, then get right back in the stand or blind.  Lately we have been seeing some big buck activity around noon.  Even with the unseasonable weather and changing

temperatures, we have seen some of our bigger bucks out and about at times when most hunters are eating lunch or taking naps.  These bucks were on their feet tending a doe, scent trailing or just roaming.  Don’t make the mistake of getting out of your blind or stand too soon.

The longer you sit the better your odds are of taking a good deer, especially this time of the year.  So bring an extra pad!

It has been several years ago, but I was hunting in central Kansas with several buddies who all stopped around 10 AM.  I looked at the solar table which said straight up noon was the major movement time.  I grabbed my bow and got back in the stand and at 12:20 stuck a 150 inch nine point.  Lucky, maybe, but I knew I couldn’t shoot anything laying on the couch and with the rut being in full swing, I liked my odds.

Bring your lunch, extra water and a pee bottle.  You never know what might walk by!

The Outdoor Quarterback