The Young Guns Are Playing Well

How good will these young guns become?

The young guns or the new kids on the block are living up to the hype!  Patrick Mahomes, Jared Goff, Baker Mayfield and Josh Allen are playing at very high levels for first and second year starting quarterbacks.  Looking back at the start of some of the current super stars, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Russell Wilson, these veteran quarterbacks did not have the early success, with the exception of Wilson, these young quarterbacks are experiencing.

I think the reasons are simple.  When the teams made the commitment to draft them early, they understood the need to surround them with a strong supporting cast, both on offense and defense.  Adding better offensive players is obvioous, but improving the teams defense and their productivity is as important.  By creating turnovers, improving starting position for their offense and getting the oppnents off the field on third down, makes life easier for young quarterbacks.  In the NFL, field position is everything.  I don’t think there is anything worse for a young quarterbacks in the NFL than having the feeling and attitude that winning or lossing is all their shoulders.  With the transition from college to the NFL, they just aren’t prepared to deal with that kind of pressure.  When teams can take any undo pressure off a young quarterback, they tend to play relaxed, play with confidence and become more productive, Baker Mayfiled is a prime example as well as Jared Goff.  Both the Browns and the Rams added key players to their defenses and offenses.

As far as Patrick Mahomes, the best thing that happend to him was the luxury of playing behind Alex Smith.  He leard how to become a quarterback in the NFL.  Also, the Chiefs had put together one of the best surrounding cast of offensive players in the entire NFL.

These young and upcoming quarterbacks are going to fun to follow for the next several years.

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