Coaching, Officating and Outcome, All Bad!

Is it time for a real hard look at the Chiefs defensive coaching staff?

Poor coaching, horrible officiating and a bad outcome describes the Chiefs vs. Chargers Thursday night game.

Starting with the officiating.  I am not sure how some of the NFL Officials have the courage or the audacity to deposit their checks after a game like Thursday night.  They were equally bad for both teams.  The holding calls and pass interference calls made against both secondarys were so inconsistant and just plain mystifying.

I can’t remember when the officiating has been this bad.  It’s the inconsistancy that is so frustrating.  Get it right or stay at home.

Defenisve coaching mistakes, for the Chiefs, is the norm when it should be the unusual.  Players out of position regularly can’t be just a personnel issue.  If coaches are doing their job they should make sure, as a unit, the players know where they are supposed to be and when.  The defensive coaches on the Chiefs staff are failing miserably at this.

If the Chiefs defense was just average, they would be the Super Bowl favorites.  By the end of this week, the Chiefs may be dead last in team defense.  These trends will stay the same unless changes are made.

The most fustrating thing to watch is the Chiefs offense score four touchdowns, with no turnovers, and loose the game.

Are the players at fault, in some cases yes, but don’t use the excuse the players are so bad they can’t compete.  Even average players put in the right position will be successful.  The Chiefs simply aren’t doing that.

Based on the outcome of this game the Chiefs have to travel to Seattle and take on the Seahawks, who have a lot to play for.  They are a dangerous team this time of the year.  If the Chiefs want to win the division, get a first round by and homefield advantage throughout the playoffs, then they have to beat the Seahawks.  A tough task!

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