NFL Training Camps.

All of the NFL training camps are now open which means preseason games are just around the corner.  First is the Hall of Fame game played in Canton Ohio.  The Hall of Fame game jump starts the NFL year.  This game provides all the football addicts their first taste of the upcoming season.  Training camp and preseason games gives us the opportunities to see what is in store for us fans.  I always want to see how new pieces to the offensive and defensive puzzles are going to perform.  I want to see how the draft picks react to the speed of the NFL game.  I want to see if the game, at this level, is to big for the rookies.  Most importantly I want to find the player who is going to help me win my Fantasy League!  That is why training camps around the league are important to me this year!  Watching training camps on TV, traveling to some in person.  I want to know more about players and their roles on certain teams and in certain situations.  I will admit I do listen to the analysis of so called experts and their opinions on players, how they are going to fit in and what affect they are going to have on their teams offense or defense.  The only problem is they have been more wrong about players than I have!  Anyone can pick a Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers or Drew Brees or Le’veon Bell, I have to find the unknown player, the player who no one wants and will somehow or someway get me out of the dark depths of last place in my Fantasy League.  That is why NFL Training Camps this year are important to me!  I am on a Mission and I will find him!

I highly recommend going to a NFL Training Camp.  Seeing these players up close and personal is the best way to evaluate young talent against veteran players.  First hand information like that is invaluable!  That is going to be my approach to NFL Training Camps 2017.

Although, I may have a more scientific method of selecting my fantasy team this year.  I will take pictures of all the top players from each position, starting with quarterbacks, tack them to my archery targets, go back to 70 yards, shoot an arrow and whoever it hits, that’s my guy at that position.  This method just may work!

The Outdoor Quarterback