DiscoverTheOutdoors.Com, New Site

I am proud to announce that DiscoverTheOutdoors.Com has re-launched it’s site. With over 4.5 million pages of information geared towards the outdoors, DTO.Com is the largest Internet site for the outdoor enthusiast on the World Wide Web. Please take a look and give us your opinion. We are pretty thick skinned around here, so let us know what you think.

Each week I will bring you new information regarding the outdoors, hopefully to keep you up-dated and informed.

First, Spring Turkey season is just around the corner, make sure if you are going to be hunting a state you are not familiar with or have never hunted in, that you obtain your license in advance. Most states have online licenses sales. A few states require a draw for your permit or licenses, and most states require that you have taken Hunter Education. Each state has different rules and regulations so check them out before you leave town. You can log on the DTO.Com to receive information about each states agency governing their Spring Turkey seasons.

Good luck, The Outoor Quarterback