Testing The RV Road!

Recently we purchased and RV, a Unity FX Leisure Travel Van, and we are about to take it on our and its madden voyage!  As a private pilot I feel very comfortable getting in the cockpit and operating any single engine and some multi engine airplanes.  But the RV has me really nervous.  Dealing with the hook ups and then emptying the grey and black tanks, filling up the fresh water tank, getting everything leveled and then, the most important function, making sure both TV’s work, has me a little concerned.  No pun intended, you just have to go get your hands dirty!  This is one of those situations that the practical experience is the only thing that will build your confidence!  Looking at videos and dvd’s can only take your so far.  At some point you need to take the plunge.  That time has come.

I know there will be some frustrating moments, it’s handling the challenges as they come up will be the real test.  Also, being in close quarters with your spouse when something goes wrong and neither one of you have clue what to do, will be the biggest challenge!  We have always traveled really well together, but in a confined space and nowhere to escape, per say, the situation exists for a little tension.  Only time will tell, that’s why the first adventure is only going to be 360 miles and relatively close to the dealership where we bought the RV.  Why take a chance!

Don’t get me wrong, we are both very excited about traveling around the country, seeing new places and experiencing new things like the worlds largest ball of twine –  as long as those experiences don’t include RV break downs.

I intend to write the Outdoor Quarterback Blog on the road.  Our intentions will be to travel to NFL Cities, watch and report on NFL games as well as fish, hunt, bike and explore other outdoor adventures when the opportunities present themselves.  We are both history buffs and are looking forward to seeing as many of the historical sites as we can.  We have a lot to look forward to.

I know this is going to be an adventure in many ways.  I will keep you posted on the good, the bad and the ugly!

The Outdoor Quarterback