How To Prepare For The Bird Season

Shake off the rust and go to your local shooting park and brake a few targets.

It’s about this time of the year that you will find, if you have one in your area, the shooting parks are much  busier than any other time of the year.  Why is that?  Well, all of the upland game bird and waterfowl seasons are just around the corner and the majority of hunters had put their shotguns in cases or safes for the summer.  Now it is time to shake the rust off and get your shotgun out and shoot a few clay birds.

Most hunters don’t forget how to shoot they just don’t practice enough and most of the time they are a little late with their shots and end up shooting behind their pray.

There is a ideal comparison to the shooting sports, bird hunting and several sports activities.  Yes, football for one.  Quarterbacks On the majority of their passes quarterbacks have to lead the receivers.  From my own experiences practice is the only way to condition the mind to consistently find the target.  Baseball, hockey and basketball all have similar aspects to the concept of follow through and lead.  The same applies to shooting.  The pitcher in baseball must follow through with every pitch to be accurate.  Have you heard the comment, repeat the motion?   It applies to all sports including shooting.

Consistency also plays a major roll in becoming a good and accurate shooter.  Taking advantage of shooting at clay birds is the ideal way to develop and maintain your shooting techniques.

All of the shooting sport activities such as trap, sporting clays, 5 stand and skeet all assist in improving your shooting skills.  When you can continually repeat the proper stance and placement of the shotgun to your shoulder and cheek, which are the basic fundamentals of shooting,  your consistency will dramatically improve.

It never hurts to find a shooting instructor to analyze your form.  In my case I always had a coach to watch and video my throwing motion.  There is nothing better than to have another set of eyes to help get you get back on track.

The Outdoor Quarterback